Troublemaker | The Anti-CEO Playbook | Rev 01

Why Troublemaker?

At the start of 2020, I went on what Life of Mine Podcast host Matt Michael labelled…

Why the Anti-CEO?

I have a morning ritual I call #TheMambaMentality that comes from the late great Kobe Bryant.

“We need a new playbook that sees people again.”

My response was;

Pluto B — North West | Western Australia | September 2009

Gladstone January 2009 | My first Troublemaker

I’m sure I worked with Troublemakers long before I met Muff {yes that’s his nickname} but this is where the Troublemaker story begins…

Troublemaker is designed to be a playbook that has two primary purposes

  1. If you’re a Troublemaker, the book will help you create the system and structure you need {that you’re continually reprimanded for not having} so you can have your unique leadership skills acknowledged. Then you can get on with the job of changing your industry without restricting your innovative streak.
  2. If you’re a leader that has Troublemakers working for you, you’ll quickly come to see how Troublemakers are your biggest asset once you know how to coach them properly.

Back when I went to School the Teachers had a name for me… Troublemaker. Turns out though out in the real world being a Troublemaker is my biggest advantage!